We are calling for the local producers and exporters to put a " MadewithloveinAzerbaijan " stamp on their products that confirms that the product was developed and released in Azerbaijan.

Nowadays, when we hear that the product was developed in England, Germany or USA, we immediately perceive it as being a useful high quality product. This is due to the fact that these countries have developed and sustained a "quality brand "status that was created over the years by their local businesses and products, which were exported in different countries around the world and proved their quality warranty. Today many of these countries make international partners and choose to place their manufacture and assemble their products abroad instead of their home countries. For example, in China, India and South America. However, the product is still perceived as the product of "brand country", because that is the country who owns an intellectual property in product creation and they are the guarantee of quality.

Brand reputation is not build in one day. We need to work hard to improve and sustain the status of our country in the world and create the "brand" of Azerbaijan.

We are certain that in the future once the "MadewithloveinAzerbaijan" brand confirms its status of quality guarantee, it will help businesses promote their local goods and export them to other countries.

We created the "MadewithloveinAzerbaijan" logo, which can be used for printing in manufacturing and production of goods. We also created its digital version that can be placed and added to local online products.

With the help of this product, we are hoping to increase the recognition of Azeri products in other countries, which would bring additional value to our products abroad and contribute to the economic development of Azerbaijan.

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  • Made with in Azerbaijan

  • Made with in Azerbaijan

  • Made with in Azerbaijan

  • Made with in Azerbaijan

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Made with in Azerbaijan

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